Name: Jade (or you can call me Ayu if you prefer)

For as long as I can remember from a very young age I’ve enjoyed writing. My wild and creative imagination would forge short stories, and even with my severely lacking drawing skills I would draw pictures for these stories I created. I’ve been writing fanfics on and off since 2008. Granted it wasn’t until recently that I’ve actually started to post them online. I’m currently a business major trying to make my way through college emotionally unscathed; so far I’m semi-succeeding.

I’m passionate about various things: anime, mangas, movies, Asian dramas, k-pop, j-pop, video games, art and comics. These are my personal interests and the things I enjoy most along with blogging of course.

Other neat things you should know:

  • I stumbled into the majestic land of Asian Dramas in 2008
  • I make Gifs and Screen caps.
  • Occasionally I make Amvs (Idek if these are popular anymore…)
  • I’m a multi-shipper (so you’ve been warned xD)

I write reviews, theories, and analytic essays (with visuals included) on a wide array of topics for many of the fandoms that I’m in. I love making new friends and meeting new people, so feel free to talk me whenever the urge strikes you  ^_^

On a side note, more often than not I’m on the look out for new animes, mangas, dramas, etc. So if you have any recommendations please don’t hesitate to tell me.

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